Featured Art

We love art! We love art! Our walls are adorned with original art primarily by Bay Area Artists. Please contact The Compound Gallery to purchase art or to obtain more info on these artists.  Check below to see who we have on display right now:

David Fullarton.  34th and No Going Back. Mixed Media

David Fullarton. 34th and No Going Back. Mixed Media-$225

Unjust Rewards by David Fullarton

Unjust Rewards by David Fullarton-$100


Sculpture by Crystal Morey-NFS

Gertrude Stein by Lena V. Reynoso

Gertrude Stein by Lena V. Reynoso-$70

Boxers by Defne Beyce

Boxers by Defne Beyce-NFS

Orson Wells dreams Leonarda by Jeanne Lorenz

Orson Wells dreams Leonardo by Jeanne Lorenz-$275

Silkscreen by Symon Bali

Silkscreen by Symon Bali-NFS

partial dodecahedron by Matt Reynoso

partial dodecahedron by Matt Reynoso-$75


Lumpy Gravy by Church of Type-NFS

church of type

Blue Plate Special by Church of Type-NFS


Lincoln by Lena V. Reynoso-SOLD


Jefferson by Lena V. Reynoso-$200


Whaddayamean by David Six-NFS